Why Home Stagers Are Busier Than Ever Helping Homeowners Try to Sell Their Homes

Home staging has become more popular as houses are sitting on the real estate market longer and longer and homeowners are trying to get their properties sold. Home staging is a business where a person certified in staging services prepares your home to look better by either rearranging the items that you already own or filling up an empty home to make it look more appealing to prospective buyers. With the real estate market at a near stand still having your home look better than others in the neighborhood at the same price point is imperative. Some of the tips in this article will include getting rid of personal items and extra furniture and putting them in mini storage buildings with roll up doors for later use in your new home.

One of the first tips a home stager will have you do to stage your home is to have you remove anything of a personal nature in your home. This would include personal photographs that may be on many tables and the mantel on your fireplace or even hanging on your walls. Family photos or portraits can be a large distraction to the prospective buyer and they may spend the whole time looking at those instead of your house when going through your home. Any other personal items should also be packed up and put in storage.

The best way to try to picture how your home should look when you are trying to sell it is to have it like a model home. This includes having smaller scaled furniture and probably not as much furniture too. Usually, double sized beds are used in master bedrooms to give the room a larger appearance than if you had your king sized bed in there. It is about creating the idea of more space to the buyer and letting them think that they are getting more for their money. If you hire a home stager, you most likely will have to rent a storage space to put all of the extra items in.

Another big component in home staging is to make it look like it is clean and nothing on it is dirty or old. This may require repainting some of the rooms to give it a cleaner appearance and hire a cleaning service to do a big deep cleaning on your home. If a prospective buyer sees your house as dirty they will wonder how well maintained the property is if you couldn’t even keep it clean. Removing all of the clutter from countertops in the kitchen and eliminating the knick knacks also helps a great deal.

Along with a clean looking house, having it smell good is also another great trick when prospective buyers tour your home. Baking fresh cookies right before an open house is a nice touch and will leave the visitors with a good memory of your home. Also, put out fresh flowers in some of the rooms makes a nice finishing touch to the space.

Home Stagers – Don't Undervalue Your Services!

Home staging is an extremely lucrative career if you know how to properly charge for your services.

It makes me cringe when I hear figures as low as $ 31.45 per hour being touted as 'great income' for a home stager. That is an impossibly low rate for any independent professional to charge, but an expert home stager should actually be making at least double if not four or five times that amount.

Home sellers stand to profit anywhere from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 after employing the services of a home stager, so they are willing to pay a premium for that expertise. The cheapest stager in town will only attract clients who don't really value what a home stager does. After all, if you save a few hundred dollars on staging advice but you don't get the results you hoped for, what was the point?

The knowledge of an expert home stager is extremely valuable because of the effect it can have on how long a home takes to sell and its final selling price. A two hour home staging consultation should cost anywhere from $ 250- $ 800. After the initial consultation, a home stager can make at least $ 1,000 if the client wants the stager to complete the home staging project for them. This figure can go as high as $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 depending on the needs for that property, the home stager's expertise and where they live. Typically costs will be higher in major urban centers where house prices are also higher. If the home stager has to furnish and / or accessorize the home, that price can creep even higher.

Now back to why I object to anyone advertising $ 31.45 as a good income for a home stager. It completely devalues ​​what we do and the difference our work makes to a client. Not only that, it misleads aspiring stagers into believing that this is a good income.

Even bumping that pay from $ 31.45 up to $ 40 per hour, if you do three two-hour staging consultation each week, that works out to $ 240 per week or roughly $ 960 per month. If you also do three "full-blown" staging projects each month which each take you five hours, you can make an additional $ 600. That's an unimpressive $ 1,560 per month or about $ 18,700 per year.

Depending on where you live, that amount would classify you as part of the "working poor," and comes out to around what you'd make answering phones or asking "would you like fries with that?"

When you're self employed, you have lots to do that you don't get paid for. For example, talking to prospective customers, standing in line at the bank, doing your paperwork, etc. So when you are working on a client's behalf, you need to make sure you are well paid for it.

If you charge a rate of $ 300 per two-hour home staging consultation which is still at the lower end of the industry standard, those same three staging consultations a week will give you $ 900 per week or $ 3,600 per month. Those three "full-blown" staging projects per month will give you another $ 2,250 per month. That's a total of $ 5,850 per month or $ 70,200 per year.

That's $ 70,200 per year versus the $ 18,700 you would make earning $ 40 per hour.

If you want to grow a profitable home staging business rather than dabble in home staging as a hobby, you have to charge a fair rate for your services.

I can't fathom a home stager charging anything close to $ 30 or even $ 40 per hour unless they are working full time for another company who will be reselling their services at the more appropriate rate. Advertising a home staging hourly rate of $ 31.45 does nothing but de-value the service. As a home stager, you're operating a business. Can you possibly sustain (let alone grow) a successful business of any kind at such a low hourly rate? When you're operating a service-based business, time is your product and we are all only given so much of that each day!